Friday, May 11, 2012

Understanding Grief....or not

I'm glad I had been forewarned through GriefShare about guilty feelings. Today I realized that, for two hours, I hadn't once thought of Matt. Made me sad and I cried, yet I knew from GriefShare that these feelings were normal. If I hadn't known this, I surely would have believed I was a horrible mother. This journey through grief is more complex than anyone could ever imagine.

The indescribable, searing pain of the first nine months has been displaced by indelible sadness. In some ways, our son's death only just now has begun to seem like reality. Dh and I will continue in another session of GriefShare, too. We are discovering that the path of sorrow continually changes as time progresses. Grief certainly doesn't end when the funeral does.

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  1. So glad you have GriefShare. And so glad you can share with us how you are TRULY feeling.
    Love you