Grieving With Hope

The Grieving With Hope Facebook page was created after the loss of our son for those grieving the death of a loved one. The purpose of the page is to provide hope, comfort, and encouragement to the bereaved in their season of sorrow. Please "Like" and share the page!


  1. I have been reading the blog and was hoping some of these feelings would be better in 2 years, but now I know not to be surprised if they are not. My daughter has been gone 5 months on Tue 8-6-13. She is my oldest child and was 41 yr old. She died 2 hours after to giving birth to her first child. I am blessed to have a son in law who is stepping up to the plate and being a good Dad to their son. I look at him and see her everytime. At least I no longer cry everytime I hold him. God has been a very present help in time of trouble. My journal documents many things He has done. I will be starting griefshare this month.My daughter has been the person I have had the longest continuous relationship with in my life (her Dad and I divorced 20 yr ago, my folks and sister are gone). I miss her.

  2. KnownbyGodJob23:10 - Thank you so much for reading. I am so very sorry for your loss. This journey is so much longer than any of us would like. There is no time limit on grief, and you've read from my posts, that it comes and goes in waves, some stronger than others. I hope you can find comfort and encouragement in knowing that it won't always be as painful as it is now. I know for me, it's way, way better than it was 2 years ago! It is a process, but one that the LORD is faithful to walk with us through. Congratulations on your new grandson, though I'm guessing it is also incredibly bittersweet. ((hugs))