Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Salt in the wound

Of course, it being May, we're getting all the graduation invitations in the mail. You know, it really sucks. Because, for me, it's just a painful reminder that my oldest won't be graduating. Ever. And this isn't even the year Matt would have graduated. That will be next year...when two of his cousins also graduate. It sucks. (And yet, on the other hand, for other grieving parents, the lack of invites would be a painful reminder.) So what's a person to do? I suggest one consider sending a plain card saying that so and so's graduating and their family is thinking of us and realize it must be difficult. I hate this ****** roller coaster. Getting Christmas cards and letters was the same way. *sigh*

I came across a book titled "Lament for a Son." It's very short and an easy read. The author's 25yo. son died in a mountain climbing accident, and the book is comprised of his brief vignettes through grief, a personal journal of sorts. I also began reading "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. It's a mere 560 pages. Thus far, it's powerful and highly thought-provoking. And I'm only on chapter three.

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