Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Wedding Anniversary

By the time I am done posting this entry, it will be May 8, our 19th wedding anniversary. Both Dh and I are heavy in heart. Maybe it won't make sense to anyone else, but we have always counted the years of our marriage by saying, "Well, Matt's "such and such" years old, so add two more, and that's how long we've been married." Just makes both of us cry now. It really sucks how much grief and sorrow affect areas of your life you never anticipated. We do have plans for dinner tomorrow, but decided to do something a bit different and invited some friends to join us. For whatever reason, neither of us (Tim and I) were looking forward to being alone. I think because we both know it may be difficult and are trying to stave off dark clouds of grief. Interesting how so many "special" dates are now being redefined. The past week has been incredibly exhausting emotionally. I know we are covered in prayer, however, by so many and I am unspeakably grateful.

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