Saturday, July 28, 2012

Matt's Memorial Bench

Thursday was rough, and yesterday was rougher. We finally got the stone bench installed that we had ordered. Tough, because it's like another headstone, so to speak. And tough because it was purchased with money that grandma and grandpa would have given Matt for his graduation next year. (And Grandpa (Dh's dad) passed away in Feb., just 6 1/2mo. after Matt.) Who would have ever dreamt the money meant for his graduation would be spent on a memorial bench instead? Anyway - I know Sunday will be better. In a strange way, it seems to always be the days BEFORE the 29th of each month that are hardest. We also have a remembrance event planned for Sunday evening. I am making Matt's favorite meal and we are planning on about 50-100 friends attending. I am so thankful for the love and support of friends and church family!


  1. I would agree it is the days leading up... Praying for peace in the midst of the storm!

  2. I like the bench, and the whole garden.