Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stuff and such

I spent over an hour today cleaning off my table (a.k.a. "baking counter") in the kitchen. I usually keep it brutally clear of clutter because space is limited and I highly value my "baking counter." But then death came, and with it followed grief. And grief turns things upside down. Little things that you wouldn't expect. Like counter-tops and home-made baking. Since Matt died, however, it's been the catch-all for all sorts of stuff. It was unsightly, but I didn't care.

I was rather amazed at what I sifted through. Christmas cards, funeral programs, birthday greetings, photos, and just stuff. I tossed like there was no tomorrow! I've always been a thrower, but now before I launched each rejected article, I found myself hesitating, asking, "Is this something of value? Is it something I'm going to want if the person who sent it dies tomorrow? Is it something I want to keep as the last thing I received from them?" *sigh* Grief changes things all right.

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