Tuesday, June 19, 2012


ALL THINGS MATT - one year remembrance July 29

Tim and I have reserved the church on July 29th from 5-8pm to mark the one-year anniversary of Matt's homegoing. We plan on having supper (Goulash - Matt's favorite) and plain cake with powdered sugar on top. (Again, Matt's favorite) After supper, the kids (and those who act like kids!) can play ping pong and have diaper wars (throwing rolled up diapers at one another). You are encouraged to stop by McDonald's on the way and buy a Mocha Frappe in memory of Matt. We will end with throwing eggs, so please bring a dozen per person, as well, if you plan on participating.

We can't thank you enough for being there for us and would truly appreciate it if you would commemorate this difficult date with us a year later. Your support means a lot. Please forward this to anyone else you think would be interested - especially those not on FB. :)

Addendum: I plan on having a book put together with all the favorite memories people have of Matt. If you have a memory to share, please TYPE it up and email it to me. Don't forget to include your name. If possible, please put the approximate date of the memory. I would like to have the book compiled and available at a table so it can be read by everyone.

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