Monday, August 22, 2011

When the shock wears off

the pain hits. This was one of the most painful days since the first three. I remember when I was about age 9 and had broken my leg. At first, I didn't feel much, just an angry tingling. However, after a few minutes, I remember looking down at my left leg and seeing the bone through the unbroken skin. THAT'S when the pain hit. It felt much like that today.

There has been a fierce battle raging in my mind all day. I have no strength to cling to the Lord, so I rest in knowing that HE holds me. I am comforted in knowing that nothing can separate me from His love, no, not even death. (Romans 8:38-39) I can not be snatched out of His hand. (John 10:29) What a comfort that brings to my weary, wounded heart.

Dh and I are looking into attending a grief support group called Griefshare. We both signed up for their daily emails and have found them to be helpful. I am also looking into a grief camp for the kids. Someone gave us a brochure for Hearts of Hope camp that I think would be beneficial.

Today was our first day of school, too. It went as well as can be expected under these circumstances. I did update the blog photo albums a few days ago, too. Off to a warm bath and then bed. Praying for peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

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