Sunday, August 14, 2011

A balm to my soul...

Music. A balm to my soul, as much as the Word of God right now.

Heard this on the way home this evening after having met the two men who arrived on the scene right after the accident and took charge until the ambulance came. They are my heroes, both named Jason. One of the Jason's is younger, and he is the one who stayed with Matt, talked to him, though he was unconscious, and held his hand the entire time until the paramedics arrived. The LORD used both of these men to fill in the missing answers to the questions we'd been asking, or had been afraid to ask. We now know Matt was not alone and he was not conscious. It just helps to know my precious baby was not alone. There was someone who cared, someone who was compassionate. God is and has been so very gentle with us in this season of grief.


  1. Angel~ I'm so happy that Matt was not conscious and not alone! Thank You God for those 2 Jasons!!!

  2. Amen! I am so grateful that God keeps providing for your needs! praying for those 2 men too!!!

  3. I am in awe how God works in our lives. I am not very good at expressing myself verbally, but I am always thinking of you n your family. I love you sis more than you know. I hurt so very much!