Monday, March 4, 2013

Comfort for the weary

I've said from the beginning of our grief journey that I refuse to believe God will not bring healing. How that healing would look like and what shape it would take, I did not know. The journey is dark and there is no road map. But there is a guide. A guide who has gone before you, who knows the way. I have spent many days being carried along the way. Other days spent dragging myself along. And still others crawling slowly, painfully up the trail. Days where I wobbled along, stumbling like a toddler. Days spent falling down, but picking myself back up, the guide always right beside me, lending His hand. Long days limping along, stepping gingerly. Finally, days of careful, steady walking. The journey is most assuredly, as GriefShare says, much longer than anyone anticipates.

It's a road that imparts lessons along the way, as well. Learning that some people are just too uncomfortable with your loss, thinking that maybe your "bad luck" will rub off on them. Knowing that still others just don't get why you're not "over it' already. Grief is more than messy. It's also lonely. Feeling a bit weary lately of walking this road, I opened my inbox to find the following email. What a blanket of comfort and affirmation as I read. I pray I am not the only one blessed by Ann's post.

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