Monday, July 29, 2013

Two Years

The 29th. Again. Only now it's 2 years. We no longer attend GriefShare, but started going to Compassionate Friends. (Went through GriefShare 4X's and decided it was time to move forward to something else.) Both groups have been instrumental in providing the comfort we've needed. I thank God for providing them. I can't believe how many new friends we've made these last two years and all because of loss. Thankful, yet sad. Thankful we're not alone, yet sad others have lost as well. Bittersweet, indeed.

Dh has taken the day off of work. We are planning a bonfire later in the evening with our three closest friends; families who knew Matt best, all of whose oldest boys were his best friends. We'll throw some eggs as well. Still the best cheap therapy. :) We will also present the scholarship gifts collected for the BPA club. But what I really would like to do is crawl into bed and stay there until the 30th. *sigh* Guess that's not an option. God, however, knew that and has already provided. A dear friend, also a companion to grief through the loss of several children, is bringing us a couple pizzas for lunch. I cried with gratefulness. So humbled by His grace and provision.

Two Years in Heaven
(by Angie Cherney)

You've now been 2 years in Heaven,
and I wonder what it's like.
They say it's great,
but I can't forget that fateful date.

Two years in Heaven,
it seems like another life.
They say it's time to move on,
but the pain is far from gone.

Two years in Heaven,
and an ocean of tears.
My LORD says don't be afraid,
His strength won't fade.

Two years in Heaven,
How long will it be?
Grief continues to lurk,
yet faith must finish its work.

Two years in Heaven,
I need you to know.
I wasn't ready to say good-bye,
I didn't want you to die.

Two years in Heaven
is like eternity here.
But in the blink of an eye
God will let my spirit fly.

Two years in Heaven,
what will it be like
when we join you at last,
and this grief will be past?
*Poem may be reprinted with permission and changes made only to the number "two."*

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