Monday, October 15, 2012

Mark Schultz--Anita Renfroe concert

I had the opportunity to attend a Mark Schultz--Anita Renfroe concert last night, and it was great. I was bummed when I realized I forgot my camera, but then thought, "Hey. They're Christians. I'll see them in Heaven and talk to them forever." Seriously. I thought that. It's just one way the death of my child has changed my thinking. It's not always a bad thing to change your thinking! Do what you gotta do here, but keep it on eternity, baby. Remember, this is not where we belong.

I think it's somewhat similar to a runner's mentality. Their mind is always focused on the goal. The route they run matters, but their feet are always headed toward the finish line. I have no idea why I used a runner's analogy, either, because I do not run. Ever. In fact, I avoid anything that could possibly result in perspiration. But it works. Run with it. (Sorry. Couldn't resist the pun.)

I'm working at finding purpose and not running aimlessly. I'm realizing that the course I run matters. It is all about getting to the finish line, but the race you run before you get there matters. Since Matt died, I've been wondering what's the point and what does it matter? The LORD's been showing me that it does matter. If you don't stay focused on the goal, you'll run off course. God wants us to finish the race and finish it well. If you don't run well, the finish isn't satisfying. Who doesn't want to be satisfied????

I'm keeping my eyes on the goal, but learning to look at the path ahead of me, watching out for hazards along the way. I'm remembering that, while the goal is what I'm aiming for, the race from start to finish has some redeeming qualities as well. But only if I look for them. Only if I turn my head every so often and look for the beauty along the way. I want to get to the end and be satisfied.

"...Run in such a way as to get the not run 
like a man running aimlessly; not fight like a man beating the air."

 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.
(2 Tim. 4:7)

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