Friday, December 14, 2012

Walking with grief

I was thinking this morning about how our grief has changed over the past 16 months and wrote the following poem to portray the journey. I think grief will always be our companion until we reach Heaven, but hopefully, grief will walk further and further behind us as we travel forward.

Walking with Grief
by Angie Cherney

You strode your way in one day
walking ahead of me along the way
You blocked my view of life
and all I saw was strife

You walked beside me
and shook with glee
But the Lord was near
and you slowed with drear

You thought you had won
but I was not done
The LORD is my strength
and He led me the length

Grief's breath is heavy
behind my laden back
Yet there is nothing I do lack
for God's love is ever steady

His word is sure and true
though the road is long
God gives the sorrow a song
and joy comes out of the blue